On Beginnings and Vintage Glass

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself before I jump right into things.. I’m Victoria, nice to meet you! I’m a full time jewelry designer who also spends a lot of time cooking, baking, taking pictures, designing, and talking about my dog. You’ll likely see all of the above covered here in due time!

This past spring I started designing a line of jewelry specifically for brides, and since then I’ve become passionate about bridal jewelry and pretty much all things wedding related. (Believe me, I resisted this for a while.. I knew once I got started in this direction, it would take over my brain! And it has indeed. The decor! The dresses! The flowers and jewelry and every last small detail accounted for, what’s not to love?)

Last week I finished my bridal collection for Fall 2011. I decided to go against the grain and do something “colorful” for a change. I know most of the wedding decorations are based around a color scheme, but color in bridal jewelry is often overlooked.  So, I took a chance and have designed a collection around the beautiful colors of fall – gold, bronze, chocolate brown, deep orange, olive green and dark teal.

Here’s a peek at one of the necklaces:

Gold Flower and Green Pearls on Cream Ribbon

The collection features freshwater pearls, vintage glass, vintage brooches, and smooth Italian satin ribbons.

The next few weeks I’ll be working on my Winter 2011/2012 collection. Yes.. *gasp*! I said it – Winter! Evil words in the middle of July, aren’t they? Designing these collections involves planning ahead to account for design concepts,  sourcing materials, the actual creation of the pieces, photo shoots, and then some. I’ll need everything ready by September to accommodate for the brides who plan ahead.

One of the main components of the Winter Bridal collection will include vintage glass, which is one of my favorite things on this planet. It’s inexplicably beautiful, each strand of beads cut differently from the next, and the way they reflect light is more brilliant than traditional cut glass beads. Aside from that, I find the idea that they may have had a previous life to be very intriguing. (Just think about what kind of events and occasions they may have been worn to! The possibilities are endless.)

Take a look at this beautiful vintage glass bead.. notice the interesting pattern it was cut into, the way the facets are placed. It’s so pretty, I think it could hold up on its own without anything else to accompany it. Don’t you think so too?

vintage glass bead

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