Twilight Wedding Cake Miniature Replica

Aside from my jewelry business, I run a miniatures hobby shop on the side. One of my specialties is custom miniature wedding cake replicas. These cakes are made in 1/12th scale (1 foot in real life = 1 inch in miniature) and always bring a new challenge. After all, each bride and groom have a unique cake at their wedding, right?

Recently, I received my most complex cake request so far – a miniature replica of Edward and Bella’s wedding cake from the Twilight movie. Not having seen the film, I wasn’t entirely sure what this project would involve until the customer sent me the photo – oh my! This was one of the most elaborate cakes I had seen in a very long time.

Not one to turn down a challenge, I said Yes! The original cake was approximately 5-feet tall; the miniature is just under 5-inches. Here’s the side-by-side comparison:


Here’s a couple of work-in-progress photos…

After I created the base layers, I had to build up the cake around the area that the flowers would surround. Looks pretty silly, doesn’t it?


Ahh, much better with the addition of the flowers.. almost done with the bulk floral sections at this point, and adding the last few onto the top detail. Yes, I use a sewing pin to help position the teensy tiny flowers into place!

And the finished cake…..

Miniature wedding cake replica, made entire of polymer clay. Front view..


The floral detail on the cake is filled with cream colored roses, white sweet peas, and green viburnum.


close-up of the top detail


close-up of the bottom detail


Whew! That was certainly a lot of work, but I am very happy with the finished result, and so is my customer. If you’re curious to see other cakes I’ve made, you can visit my miniatures shop here: and click on the “sold items” to see the photos.

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