Cyber Monday Holiday Jewelry Sale at Victoria Camp Designs

Sort of a “drive-by” post today! This image says it best..

That’s right, I’m having a holiday sale! You can purchase items in my shop on Etsy, or through my website. On Etsy, enter the coupon code in the “coupons” box in the checkout screen. On my website, write the coupon code in the “add note to seller” box in the checkout process, and I’ll refund the discount to you. This will be my ONLY sale for the holidays, so if there’s something you wanted, now is the time to purchase with a discount. The sale ends Monday, November 26th at midnight.

Despite the photograph, the sale is not just on map jewelry, of course! The discount applies to any item, with the exception of Gift Certificates.  I have two coupon codes for you to use:
Buy 1 item: Get 10% off when you enter the coupon code 10OFFONE in the checkout screen.

Buy 2 or more items: Get 20% off when you enter the coupon code 20OFFTWO in the checkout screen.


Yes, this sale applies to bridal/special occasion jewelry as well!

One more piece of news – I hadn’t gotten a chance to post this earlier, but my hand painted tiny constellation locket necklaces are in Etsy’s holiday gift guide: Editor’s Picks: Personalized Gifts. I took a screen capture from the website:

Pretty awesome, right?

You can order your own constellation locket through my website: I currently (as of Nov. 25th) have at least one of each constellation made and ready to ship, so the turnaround time isn’t quite as long as stated at this moment.

Time to get back to work .. enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Personalized Cookie Pennant Banner

Happy Weekend! During the crazy December holiday hubbub, I completely forgot about posting photos of some gingerbread cookies I made… but I think these could work for Valentine’s Day inspiration as well!

A friend of mine came to visit for an afternoon of gingerbread chaos; and by that, I mean we’d made templates of all kinds of wonderful gingerbread landmarks we were going to make – which for the most part failed and fell apart in the oven – but ended up with all kinds of other cute things such as gingerbread trolley cars (we DO live in the bay area after all!) plus a giant sugary mess in the kitchen, and these adorable gingerbread pennant banners!

Adorable, right? Here’s a close-up, pardon the light dusting of flour still present..

I think these would translate really well into sugar cookie pennant banners if gingerbread isn’t your thing. (Or if it’s not December. *Ahem.*) To make these, we simply rolled out the dough and used a butter knife to cut out triangles/pennants. Then we used a plastic drinking straw to “cut” out some stringing holes, one on each side of the top corners. After they were baked and cooled, we used royal icing to draw letters, hearts, and other cute designs on each pennant. Once the icing was set, we ‘threaded’ the pennants with pretty ribbon. 1/8″ ribbon worked perfectly for this!

These would make a really cute (and edible!) personalized gift for someone special this Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?